courses, consultations, retreats!

Working with me might be right for you if:

  • You are a mum who often feels overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start to ‘fix it’

  • You are struggling to get ‘all the things’ done and have no time left for yourself

  • You want a plan and strategies in order to gain control of your life again

  • You want to do things the right way for yourself and your family, not simply follow someone else’s path

If this sounds right for you, please read on….

I offer a variety of coaching strategies as part of my holistic approach to improving lives. I use a combination of science, natural solutions, and products, education, and lifestyle habits to achieve real change. I can resolve a variety of issues for your family from a lack of sleep to constant sicknesses and how to feed your family.

  • sleep (adults and children)

  • self care (preventing PND and exhaustion in new parents)

  • stress

  • toddler behaviours

  • sickness and gut health

  • organising a busy family

  • improving relationships within the family

  • Feeding your family for health


Entry Level - Facebook Group


This is a private group that promotes supportive and secure group connections to allow our members to learn to thrive. We focus on our specially chosen theme each month and pull it apart by discussing the variety of issues that are involved. Everyone suggests strategies and shows how it works for them so there is a real sense of community.

Tier: 1 - Workshops

These workshops are offered throughout the school holidays and are directed towards a variety of ages from babies to toddlers to the parents themselves. Workshops are offered in our Bli Bli home and run for approximately 3 hours. Topics for workshops can include making playdough, making kombucha, making gelatin jellies, making roller bottles, sleep solutions, sickness solutions, making sunscreen and many others. I quite often make up new workshops based on what clients want to come and make or learn about. These workshops are always kid-friendly and advertised through our Facebook Page.

Tier 2: Courses

These course are all online and self-paced. They are a great place to start if you’re interested in making changes to your life for the better but you’re not ready to make a large investment yet. These courses are all designed to take about 4 weeks and have one major thing to focus on each week to give you time to implement the changes and see real success. 

  • Study for Success Online Course


    This will help you

    •  control all the things that impact your ability to learn
    •  understand how you learn best
    •  identify multiple ways of learning knowledge successfully
    • reduce your stress when it comes time study
  • Be ‘Back to School’ Ready Course


    Would you like to sit back and be proud of yourself for having everything for school days under control and ready to go long before Australia Day comes around? Join the growing number of mums who are saying YES to reducing their overwhelm and feeling like they’re winning more in life with this short course to success!

  • Time for Change Course


    Are you a busy mum, who is struggling to set and achieve your goals, but really wants to get to change or improve something in your life? So that you can confidently set goals that you know you will achieve to improve your life, say YES to getting what you want today!

  • Sleep Secrets Online Course


    Do you need to improve your sleep? This self-paced online course will teach you how to implement strategies to go to sleep quicker, increase your deep sleep and get the right amount of sleep that you need.

  • Self Care Online Course


    If you feel overwhelmed and exhausted and like no-one is looking after you, it’s time for you to realise that you need to start looking after yourself. Let me show you how!

Tier 3: Consultations

Getting advice directly from me is often the most efficient way to progress towards an easier and more enjoyable life as every strategy you try will already be tailored to your current situation. Choose from 3 options – over the phone, in person (my home or yours) and in a group (again, my home or yours). The group consultations are often conducted with a group of friends (eg. Mother’s Group) and always work really well because everyone is going through similar experiences and you will learn from all the questions that are asked. All consultations are available on application only with a date and time to be negotiated. Topic/s to be decided by the group and given to the provider 2 weeks in advance.

  • Phone consultation


    A one hour personal phone consultation with Kelly to discuss an issue of your choosing. This comes with a pre-call questionnaire to help Kelly direct her strategies during your phone call and a follow-up email 1 week later to assess your progress.

  • Personal Consultation


    Meeting with Kelly in person is invaluable as she can get to know you quickly and decipher what you need most. She will meet with you for 3 hours and give you simple, yet effective strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your current situation.

  • Group Consultation


    Get a group of like-minded people together to meet with Kelly at a location of your choice. As a group you will be able to request Kelly to speak to a specific topic initially and then everyone in the group will have time to ask specific questions and get actionable strategies to improve their lives. This consultation is 3 hours long.

Tier 4 Mastermind Retreats
  • Change My Life Mastermind Retreat


    A weekend away with no kids! Enough said. You will enjoy a weekend of making very few decisions which will leave head space for you to focus on yourself and your needs. You will experience what it feels like to learn different ways of giving yourself time and energy before you give it to others.

Tier 5 Change My Life Mastermind

  • Change My Life Mastermind Program


    This is our Signature Program! That is, the one that most people want and choose to invest in to make real, permanent changes to their life. Working with me for 4 months! Imagine what you could achieve with support for 4 months! There are only 15 places available in this program so that I have the time to work with you to ensure you are successful.

Tier 6 Change My Life Mentorship Program

  • Change My Life Mentorship Program


    A year long personal mentorship program with Kelly. You will have weekly sessions with Kelly to identify your issues, devise solutions and implement effective strategies to change your life. You will have access to all of Kelly’s teachings and programs throughout that 12 months and you will be part of her private membership group FOR LIFE.

Can't choose?

If you can’t choose what service is right for you book a free strategy call with me at a time that suits you and we'll figure it out together.