Terms and Conditions

By using the website and/or services of essentialsonly.com.au, Essentials Only and related entities you acknowledge and understand that you have accepted and will abide by these terms, and agree to our Privacy Policy – no matter if you understand them or not.   

1. Shipping and Delivery

If your order consists of an item that is out of stock, we will hold the entire order until it is ready to send as one parcel. Otherwise please create two orders – one for stocked items, and another for items which are listed as “Backorder”.

We pack all shipments to deal with the rigours of domestic and international delivery, however once the shipment has been lodged with Australia Post or your nominated carrier the onus is on the carrier or yourself for any damage to the shipment or non-delivery.

You understand and agree that Essentials Only, including its directors, employees, servants or agents cannot be held responsible for missing, damaged or non-delivered parcels.

We cannot control random weather events, floods that prevent all road transport, the unpredictable nature of Australia Post and other external variables that affect the time to deliver your order. Shipping and delivery times are devised from our best estimates, however can vary and you agree to accept any possible delay when placing an order.

If you require extra cover for your order during transport, you can add it to your order. Extra cover is not available by default irrespective of the order value. All shipments comply with PayPal seller and buyer protection policies.

Once Australia Post has scanned your parcel as “Delivered” or “Delivered with Safe Drop” – it is considered to be delivered. You understand and agree that there is no compensation nor insurance available for deliveries that have gone missing once delivered.

Delivery couriers including mail contractors and Australia Post employees do not ring mobile or phone numbers to confirm deliveries.

1a. No drop-shipping

We do not drop-ship. If you are onselling items from us, we will deliver them to you – then you will send them to your end customer. You are responsible for warranty and customer service to your end customer.

2. Continuity of Supply

We cannot control the supply and demand of products in the market, and thus we do not guarantee continuity of supply. Simply email info@essentialsonly.com.au with your requirements.

3. Discussion of Time

We may quote times, such as “Ships within 24 hours” – these durations are business days which exclude Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Times are always estimates! We cannot control external factors which cause deliveries to be late, and you accept this by placing an order. Our time zone is Brisbane, Australian Eastern Time – and all times quoted (for example 3pm) are times in Brisbane.

4. Website and Information Content and Disclaimer

All possible care is taken in preparing the information presented on our website. The content provided is subject to change without prior notice and against our best efforts may contain inaccuracies. Essentials Only will not be held liable in any way for any errors or omissions and losses from their use with regards to information described or products sold within www.essentialsonly.com.au – this also includes information given by us to you through via any medium – including electronic form, in written form, in person or via any other means of communication.

Products may vary from time to time and thus there is a chance the product details or specifications including images, video, colour, or look may differ from the actual product. If you are unsure about a product, email us and we’ll be more than happy to double-check anything for you.

5. Payment

We accept payment via bank deposit, cash on collection, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal. We do not offer revolving credit accounts.

6. Warranty

We stand behind the products we sell, and all items include either a manufacturer’s warranty or one provided by Essentials Only. The warranty information varies for each product and is ninety days from date of delivery.

To start a warranty claim, email info@essentialsonly.com.au. If an exchange is required, you will bear the cost of returning the item to us, and we will pay to deliver the replacement item to you. In some cases, we will not require the return of a faulty item, and will instead request a photograph of the item.

For domestic sales our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian consumer law.

7. DIY Kits Warranty

Ingredients included in our range of DIY Kits are covered by our usual standard warranty – however once used, we cannot guarantee the ingredients used nor the workmanship of the constructor. However if you open a kit and find something is missing or not right please email us immediately. All warranty claims for a kit are void once construction has begun. If you open a kit and decide it’s too difficult for you – email us to discuss your options. If you have any doubts about your ability to assemble a kit – don’t start, instead email us for help.

9. Incomplete or incorrect orders

If something is wrong with your order, for example an item is missing or incorrect – we will accept claims for rectification up to seven days after the day of delivery.

10. Delivery Times

We are not responsible for, or able to control the delivery time of your parcel once lodged with Australia Post. We do not offer compensation for late delivery of your order. All promised delivery times are subject to external conditions of which we cannot control, and thus we are not responsible for late delivery of your goods.

11. Orders are Final

We do not offer “change of mind” returns or order cancellations once payment has been received. We’d rather you had the right thing first time – so if you’re not sure about something email us before making an order.

12. Order Cancellation

We reserve the right to decline to trade with any company or person for any reason, including and not limited to: orders from competitors, malicious PayPal users, orders from embargoed countries, products ordered against advice, attempts of “shaming” us into action against our policies or blackmail-type activities on social media, or any other reason as we see fit. If payment was made via bank deposit, we will send a money order to your supplied address for the full amount of the sale less the cost of registered mail and money order fees.

13. Legal Jurisdiction

Essentials Only operates in the State of Queensland, Commonwealth of Australia and thus operates under the laws and regulations of Queensland. Any legal disputes will be heard in courts or tribunals in the state of Queensland and under the laws and regulations of Queensland.

14. Limited Liability

We expressly disclaim all liability for product or information defects or errors and any effects, damage or loss that they may cause you. We do not accept any liability for your loss exceeding the legal requirements of Australian consumer law which is the repair, replacement or refund for goods purchased. You use products and information provided at your own risk.

15. Complaints

If you have a genuine complaint or a problem has not been resolved – send a concise email to info@essentialsonly.com.au. We do not reply to complaints on social media or any other medium, and any request to do so will be directed to the email above.

16. Privacy

Our terms and conditions were last updated on the 12th of February 2019.