Why you should ditch New Years Resolutions…

During 2020 we were forced to reassess what was most important to us and we often had to find new ways to make it happen. Students had to learn via zoom, teachers had to educate over video conferencing, workers had to coordinate from home, we celebrated birthdays over FaceTime and our kids had playdates via House Party. For some parts of the world, this existence continues.

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What have you learnt personally? How to take time for yourself again? How to balance work and family time? Did your life come back to the basics of family, home and friends? Did you learn a new skill or change how you spent your time?

With the unpredictability that was 2020 and with that pattern continuing in 2021 so far, many people have decided not to set New Years Resolutions this year. That’s fine, unless you want something in your life to change or improve. If you never set an intention or a goal, you will quickly forget what it was you wanted in the first place and nothing will change. It’s up to you. Join me for a course that will change how you think about making improvements to your life.

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In the past, I used to make up a New Years Resolution most years, but by the end of January it was all but forgotten. Drowned out by the day-to-day busyness of normal life. Last year taught me one important thing – if I wanted anything in my life to change I had to first acknowledge what I wanted to lose and then identify what I wanted to gain. For example, if you want to gain more ‘me time’ you need to lose some socialising time, or TV time etc. If you want to gain more time to practice your new hobby, you need to give up other things that are taking up your time. It’s all about balance. Let me teach you how to achieve your perfect balance.

Sometimes we have to lose something precious in order to gain something priceless. - IdleHearts

I challenge you to change your mindset from the term New Years Resolution and instead use “Intentions”, or really, anything else that makes it sound like it is something you fully intend to follow through with.

What are you intentions this year? Join our Time for Change Course to make and achieve your intentions this year.

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