Island Mint

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When you open a bottle of Island Mint, its breezy, tropical aroma will transport you to that sunny, piña-cola ridden beach of your dreams. Lemon, lime, peppermint, and spruce essential oils provide ample concentrations of limonene and menthol. Both these constituents can help to promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways, as well as uplift the mood when you’re feeling blue.

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You heard right. This blend was formulated with not just an exotic aroma in mind, but also with a usage directed purpose. After a long day in the sun with family and friends, you might find your mind winding down prematurely. You may still have a long wait until you can enjoy the comfort and safety of your bed. To help stimulate your thoughts for the journey home, diffuse Island Mint in doTERRA’s new car diffuser. Clinical and experimental trials have shown that peppermint, lemon, and lime essential oils can have positive effects on mood, attention, and focus1-4. In these studies, participants were quicker or had higher accuracy at performing certain tasks when they used these oils aromatically when compared to a control.

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