How to make lasting change in your life

Now is the perfect time for renewal. The kids are back at school and we’re well into the weekly routine now. Work has settled back in for the year. Summer holidays are a distant memory and Easter seems too far away. So let’s take some time to focus on you! We’re going to set some new intentions (or maybe just 1) and devise a plan to ensure that it will happen for you. All in 5 simple steps. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1 – Reflection

You need to reflect on where you’ve been before you can identify what needs to change. What have you been unhappy about recently? What have you enjoyed?

Step 2 – Bin and keep lists

You could also make two lists about things in your life – one side has things you don’t want in there anymore (the bin list) and the other side has the things you do want to continue (the keep list).

Step 3 – New intention/s

Now comes the important stuff – what do you want to change? What do you really want? You can choose one thing or a couple of things, but I wouldn’t try to make more than one change at a time in order to be successful.

Step 4 – Strategies

The next step is breaking that intention down into strategies. For example if your intention is to lose weight, the strategies might be moving your body more, cutting out sugar, reducing carbs at night time, eating more protein at breakfast etc.

Step 5  – Habits

Now is the crucial step – turning those strategies into habits. If you never create habits, you will never create change. Read that last sentence again please. Think of something you can do every day to help you with a strategy or two. Identify when you’re going to do it. Either attach it to another habit that you already do (this is called habit stacking – eg. cutting up veggies for snacks when doing the veggies for dinners) or set a reminder on your phone when you want to do the habit (eg. setting an alarm to go to bed at 9pm every night).

How can I help you?

Are you a busy mum, who is struggling to set and achieve your goals, but really wants to get to change or improve something in your life?

Maybe you know you want to feel more in control of your life, but right now you are stuck in the busyness of daily life so you don’t have time to set new goals, let alone work out how to achieve them.

Introducing the Time for Change Course.

It will help you

  •     identify and write life intentions
  •     break down large intentions to smaller goals
  •     change your habits so you can achieve your goals

So that you can confidently set goals that you know you will achieve to improve your life, say YES to getting what you want today