Carbonara – the easy weeknight meal everyone needs to know

One of my go-to dinners when I don't have much time is carbonara. This is by no means a traditional Italian recipe and I am by no means a trained chef. This is simply a great meal that is easy to cook when you're low on time or you need to feed some hungry kids FAST. I joke that it's pretty much bacon and eggs with pasta - sounds like the perfect food for kids right?!

Step 1 - Time to put the pasta on to cook. I cook ours in the microwave so I don't have to watch a pot boil while I'm getting the other elements prepared. Obviously you can use any pasta you like.



Step 2: Once the pasta is on, fry off some onions and garlic in a large wok. When I first started making carbonara for the kids, I cut up the onions very small still so they were invisible to the kids when they're eating it. These days they help me cook our meals so they see everything that goes into them. Initially they would complain about onions, but after eating them a few times they don't even mention them these days. If you are still in the early phases of introducing any of new foods to your children don't give up.


Step 3: Once the onions have started to brown, add chopped up bacon or ham and continue to cook.


Step 4: Turn the wok off and leave the bacon, onion and garlic mix in the wok. Scramble half a dozen eggs in a bowl (increase the number of eggs if you've got more mouths to feed).


Step 6: Once you're about 10 mins off being ready to serve this meal, turn the heat back on the wok. Once the sizzling has started again, use a slotted spoon (or similar) to sieve out the pasta, leaving the liquid in the saucepan or container to use later. Immediately add the scrambled eggs to the wok and continually stir until all the eggs are cooked.


Step 7: Add the pasta liquid, bit by bit, until your carbonara has the desired consistency.


Step 8: Once your carbonara has the desired consistency, gently spoon into serving bowls.


Step 9: Adding grated cheese to the top is an option and an easy way to satisfy both dairy-free and non dairy-free family members.


Step 10: If you leave any carbonara in the wok or put some away in a container in the fridge, add some more of the pasta sauce to it first. It will reheat much better this way and won't go dry.

I hope you've enjoyed learning how to make this super easy weeknight meal to satisfy everyone's hunger in your family.

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