Litsea essential oil


This lemon-like essential oil is known for its cleansing properties. Diffuse during meditation to promote a cleansing, revitalising environment. Diffuse while working or exercising to bring a fresh stimulating aroma. Used in aromatherapy and meditation for feelings of balance and inspiration.

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Litsea cubeba is an evergreen tree or shrub belonging to the Lauraceae family. Its fruit produces Litsea – a lemon-like essential oil with a wide range of aromatic USES. Being native to East Asia, Litsea has a long history of traditional use by the indigenous people of Taiwan and has been widely distributed in Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, and Southeastern Asia. Due to its high content of geranial and neral, Litsea has many surface cleansing properties. Geranial and neral are also found in Melissa and Lemongrass and have very similar scents and properties. When diffused, Litsea can promote feelings of fresh energy to your day.

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