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Essential Skin Care Kit

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dōTERRA’s Essential Skin Care Kit is a family of skin care products designed to maximise the power of essential oils in helping to keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy and gorgeous. It consists of the Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, Hydrating Cream, Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, Invigorating Scrub, Brightening Gel, Pore Reducing Toner, Facial Cleanser and the Tightening Serum.

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Enjoy the new Essential Skin Care line in one easy kit! dōTERRA Essential Skin Care is a family of skin care product designed to meet all your anti-aging, skin care needs, helping keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy, and gorgeous by maximizing the natural power of essential oils. The Essential Skin Care line includes cutting-edge technologies that complement the careful selection of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils added in generous proportions to each product. Target the visible appearance of aging and prevent future signs of aging with dōTERRA Essential Skin Care.

Although signs of problem skin may begin in the early teens, it affects individuals of all ages, both physically and emotionally. Many individuals experience skin issues for years, trying numerous products, harsh chemicals, and abrasive treatments to obtain clear skin. doTERRA has created a better way to address problem skin issues at their core—naturally and effectively. Introducing HD Clear, an advanced line of natural products that combine the power of CPTG® essential oils and plant extracts to produce the results you want and expect—clear, smooth skin.

HD Clear is a three-step system that works synergistically, with each product building on the next to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin, and deliver optimal hydration for a balanced moisture level. Made with pure plant extracts, the ingredients in HD Clear are gentle and calming to the skin, but powerfully effective. Using HD Clear every day will help reduce the appearance of blemishes; promote a clear, healthy complexion; and soothe the skin. HD Clear provides a natural solution for problem skin of all ages.

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