Are you looking after yourself?

What is self care?

I used to think self care meant taking some time out from my normal life and having a massage or a hot bath and just relaxing a bit and having some me time.

However I now realise that it means making a choice and a purposeful effort to take care of yourself in addition to, and sometimes instead of, looking after everyone else.

Self care should be a preventative strategy that we use on a daily basis, not something that we use reactively when the sh*# has hit the fan and we’re not coping with our life.

Who is responsible for looking after me?

Our happiness is our responsibility! I’m just going to let that sit for a while – your happiness is your responsibility! You are in control of it!

Can you recognise your own signs you’re becoming overwhelmed? I am not a nice person when I have reached my limit. I get cranky at the kids for doing typical kid-things that should be easily forgivable and I reach a point where I can’t comprehend anything people are saying to me. Do you recognise the early signs and know that it is time to ask for help before you reach your breaking point?

Where is my village?

Do you ask for help when you recognise you need it? We have been commercially trained to believe that we should be able to do it all and be everything to everyone and cope with it all. This is so far from the truth! Traditionally we would have a village supporting us – there are many facebook and instagram memes going around these days about today’s village – yet we read those posts and think how perfect they are and two minutes later we go back to thinking we have to do it all ourselves and we can’t ask for help.

This has to change – we have to ask for help! Before we reach our limit and can’t function properly.

Looking after ourselves should become a regular habit to prevent our burn out. Looking after ourselves should be something we are proud of. It should be something we want to teach our children, our nieces and nephews and our friends that they deserve it too. Because you are worth it – haha – sorry, couldn’t resist that one! But it is true!

If any part of our lives involves taking care of others, then we need to be OK first. Insert a variety of memes here including “you can’t pour from an empty cup” or “self care isn’t selfish”, but you know what? Most of these are true! We roll our eyes or laugh but we should really take them to heart and make them our mantras – they are spot-on!

Self care is a holistic process that requires you to develop new sustainable habits so you can be the best version of yourself.

Do you want to learn how to look after yourself?

Do you want to develop strategies to prevent burn out?

Are you ready to invest in you and your future mental and physical health?

How can I help you?

I can help you achieve this!

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