Taming Toddlers Program


This personalised program is designed to help you understand your toddler and will teach you to work with them so you’re both happier and calmer. Included in this program are educational videos, personal coaching phone calls and all the help you need to make some real change in the relationship you have with your toddler.

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Are you a stressed mum of a toddler, feel like you’re losing a battle every day, but really want to be able to relax and enjoy some time with your precious little one again?

Maybe you know you want to be calmer and have less tantrums from your toddler, but right now you are stuck because you think you are doing something wrong. I am here to tell you that you are an awesome mum and you’re not doing anything wrong. 

I am offering one-on-one help to gently steer you in the right direction towards a more peaceful household.

This program will help you

  •   learn how to better understand your toddler
  •   spend less time correcting their behaviour and more time having fun
  •   make meal times less of a battle and more nourishing

So that you can get on with more important things like enjoying quality time with your little one, join us for this program today.


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