Natural Perfume Whisper DIY Kit


Whisper essential oil blend combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a beautiful, unique and personal fragrance. Make your own natural perfume with this DIY Kit, enough to fill the bottle 8 times.

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dōTERRA Whisper Blend for Women is a complex and diverse blend that combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal fragrance. Each essential oil in the blend provides an inviting aroma of its own, but when combined, these oils offer a distinct scent that intrigues the senses of both the wearer and those passing by. Regarded as the most precious flowers in the perfume and aromatherapy industries, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang’s euphoric aromas combine with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Cocoa to make this blend unmatched in complexity and aromatic influence.

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