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Motherhood is hard! The dynamic ebb and flow of motherhood is experienced by all of us as we navigate its crests and troughs. The modern times we live in can make motherhood more exhausting and more isolating than it has ever been before, like you’re adrift in the ocean and no one is coming to save you! If you feel like you’re drowning in the rough ocean of motherhood, let Kelly throw you a life ring in the form of this personally crafted series where she will guide you through the 6 essential stages to help you find that strong current that will take you towards feeling reenergised and rejuvenated so that you can be the happy, engaged mum that you desperately want to be.

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Motherhood doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to feel lonely and isolating. In these modern times when we often live far away from our parents and siblings and we’re having babies at different times than our friends, it is easy to see how motherhood becomes a lonely journey for some of us. At home it can often feel like we’re doing it all on our own and we’re more than likely not getting the mental support that we need to feel successful in motherhood.

Motherhood can be compared to a challenging swim in the vast ocean. This 6-stage series serves as a life ring, preventing you from drowning. Just as a life ring provides buoyancy and support, the stages of the program offer guidance and structure, helping you navigate the turbulent waters of motherhood and keep your head above the waves.


  • a simplified step-by-step guide for mums to reconnect with who you were before you became a mum
  • receive personalised support as you move through all 6 stages
  • learn from a fellow mum who felt she was drowning on a daily basis and discovered how to resurface
  • acquire effective skills that you will use throughout your motherhood journey


  • 6 episodes that cover each of the stages required to keep your head above water and swim strongly to where you want to go
  • each episode has a matching worksheet so you can implement what you learn immediately
  • episodes are delivered online so you can work through them at a time suitable to you
  • 1 hour personalised zoom session for you once you’ve worked through the 6 episodes so that we can develop your personalised Modern Motherhood Method and set you up for continued happiness
  • lifetime access to a private Facebook group for those who have also enrolled in this series – ask questions anytime and enjoy a unique masterclass every 2 months

In this series Kelly will personally take you through the 6 essential stages of the Modern Motherhood Method so that you will feel re-energised in your own motherhood journey.


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