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Kumquat essential oil

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Kumquat has a sweet, uplifting scent and cleansing properties. Native to Asia, kumquat is a small, orange-like citrus fruit.

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Like other citrus oils, Kumquat is full of limonene. Limonene is primarily known for its powerful cleansing and purifying qualities. These benefits are versatile as its properties are strong enough to help clean surfaces but gentle enough to be used safely on the skin to promote a healthy-looking and clear complexion. It also offers internal benefits; for example, one study showed that Kumquat oil may offer a boost of antioxidants when taken internally.*

Citrus oils are also incredible for the mood. Diffusing or inhaling from the hands can boost your energy and positive feelings. Additionally, Kumquat has calming properties on the nervous system*

Usage Tips:

  • Add 1–2 drops to your facial cleanser or shampoo for added purifying benefits and a soft, refreshing scent.
  • Diffuse alone or with other citrus oils like Lime, Bergamot, or Wild Orange for bright, cheerful aroma.
  • Try using Kumquat instead of your usual go-to citrus oil for a day. For example, if you make a natural surface cleanser and normally use Lemon, add Kumquat instead.
  • Add a few drops to your water or a veggie capsule to support the digestive system.*

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