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When it comes to healthy digestion and soothing the body, you can count on Caraway.* Caraway essential oil offers powerful gastrointestinal support when ingested,* which means that when life throws you tummy troubles, you can keep calm and Caraway on.

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Caraway oil is used for several things, but it is most commonly used internally for digestive support.* Take Caraway internally to access the gastrointestinal benefits of Caraway oil.* There are a few ways to take it internally. You can simply add it to a beverage or take it in a veggie capsule, but you can cook with it as well.

Additionally, Caraway can help with weight management when taken internally.* In clinical studies, Caraway extract exhibited properties helpful to reducing appetite and managing weight when combined with exercise.*

Limonene and carvone—two of the main essential oil constituents in Caraway essential oil—can also be soothing to the body when ingested.* In experimental research, ingestion of limonene was soothing to the colon and carvone showed soothing properties on the nervous system.*

What Does Caraway Smell Like?

Caraway essential oil smells herbaceous and slightly woody. A drop or two of Caraway makes a great addition to oil blends as a warm yet fresh note.

Cooking with Caraway Oil

The next time a recipe calls for caraway, try using Caraway essential oil instead. It is incredibly potent, so a little goes a long way, and you’ll also be accessing all of Caraway’s fabulous internal benefits. Start with a toothpick’s amount. You can always add more, but you can’t take any out! If after adding a toothpick’s amount you still want more flavor, you can add more with a toothpick or you can add one drop. Putting the drop into a spoon and stirring it will help you avoid accidently adding extra drops straight into your dish.

Usage Tips:

  • After a large meal or trying new foods, take Caraway internally.
  • Use Caraway oil in your cooking.
  • Apply one drop to your toothbrush along with your toothpaste.

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