Boost Student Success Series


Imagine having a recipe for how to guide your child to success at school. Uncover the hidden skills that teachers wish all students knew in this series personally delivered by a 20 year veteran of the Queensland education system. Imagine how much further your child could be along their success journey at school with hours of personalised support tailored to your family that will easily fit into your lifestyle. 

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Are you tired of feeling like you don’t know enough Maths or Geography or Science to actually help your child do well at school?

What if I told you that your content knowledge has nothing to do with your children’s ability to succeed? There are actually many more important things that you could be teaching them long before they even get to school and then reinforcing during their schooling years. 

This series consists of 5 episodes, covering the essential areas of life for school aged children and their family. These five episodes include various aspects of personal responsibility, academic development, social skills, technology management, and support mechanisms, providing a comprehensive framework for the series.


  • a simplified guide for parents showing how to support your child towards success at school
  • uncover the skills that teachers wish parents would teach their kids
  • learn from a veteran of the Queensland education system of over 20 years
  • experience a comprehensive dive into the skills that children need to succeed at school today


  • 5 episodes that cover each of the areas required to ensure their success at school
  • each episode has a matching worksheet so you can implement what you learn
  • episodes are delivered online so you can work through them at a time suitable to you
  • 1 hour zoom session for you and your family once you’ve worked through the 5 episodes so that we can develop your personalised School Success Action Plan
  • lifetime access to a private Facebook group for parents of school aged children who have also enrolled in this series – ask questions anytime and enjoy a unique masterclass every 2 months


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