About Essentials Only

The Essentials Only Journey

I started this company with the aim of teaching people how to eliminate chemicals from their home to improve their health and that of their family. I had learnt that many modern illnesses can be attributed to the chemicals we have added to our food, body-care products, cleaning products, our reliance on medicine and the fake fragrance smells we are now surrounded by, amongst other things. There are many brands of “natural” products available to purchase these days, however I believe that some of them still contain ingredients that we shouldn’t be putting onto or into our bodies. I also believe that you can save loads of money by making your own household items while enjoying healthy, natural and amazingly effective products. There is also the added benefit that you decide exactly what goes into the products you make and you decide how they smell. I love knowing that everything contains only the essential ingredients.

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly. I am a high school teacher of Marine Science, Junior Science and Mathematics and the founder of Essentials Only. I am originally from the country Queensland town of Kingaroy but left there after high school for University in Brisbane. Once I graduated I spent almost 10 years in Mackay enjoying the northern Queensland coral reef amongst other environments. Eventually I decided I was ready to start a family (AKA find a man first) so I moved back to the Sunshine Coast because that was where I always wanted to live. I found the man – my husband Brendon and we now have two amazing children, our twins Emma and Aaron who were born in 2015. The first year of motherhood was a blur but as they grew it got easier and I started investigating ways to keep them healthier and get them to sleep better. This led me down the path of learning to make our own creams, sprays and medicine alternatives – all made by natural raw ingredients and essentials oils. Once friends and family started asking for some too, the business idea quickly grew and Essentials Only was born!