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I will make your life easier and more enjoyable using a variety of natural solutions. When you want someone local on your side, come see me.

My aim is to empower you to make better decisions for yourself and your family with confidence and the right knowledge. There are a variety of ways that I help you to improve your health and happiness if you live in Nambour. I are based in Bli Bli right here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, most of my consultations and coaching happens online and I can also post our products Australia wide.

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I combine a love of all natural products with simple and effective lifestyle strategies to help mums in Nambour solve a variety of issues including kids not sleeping, mum not sleeping, sickness in the family, overcoming the mental load of mums, teaching children to help with household chores, skin conditions and many others. I take a holistic view to your issue and get to know your unique situation first before offering a variety of solutions for you to choose from. If you’re looking to reduce the toxic chemicals used in your Nambour home then I will teach you how to make your own (natural and organic) products that are safe for even the smallest member of your family to use. This is part of my plan to help everyone in the family contribute to the cleaning of the house from an early age (remember that stage when they are begging to help you to spray those windows?). I will also provide you with the strategies to keep them helping as they grow into teenagers, not forgetting keeping that close parent/child relationship there as well. If you’d like dinner times in Nambour to be less stressful I will coach you through meal planning (the easy way), how to talk about the food, how to serve the food and how to involve your children so that everyone enjoys dinner time more.

You local Nambour source for doTERRA essential oils and products

I am passionate about teaching families how to reduce the toxic chemical load in their homes.  I teach people how to make their own cleaning and beauty products using only the purest (and mostly organic) raw ingredients and essential oils. Of course you can use whatever variety of essential oils you like and source them from wherever you like, but personally I prefer to use doTERRA. I realise they are more expensive than other brands, but their purity and concentration is second to none and their ethical sourcing and supporting of the countries of origin makes is more sustainable and worthwhile in my opinion. I sell doTERRA oils and products directly to my clients and always keep the price somewhere between the wholesale price and the recommended retail price so it’s not only competitive but affordable. I am available for free consultations about doTERRA oils and products either in person at our Bli Bli premises or via online chats over Facebook messenger or Zoom. A lot of my Sunshine Coast clients collect their doTERRA oils and products directly from our premises at Bli Bli, but postage is also available.

Nambour’s best source of natural cleaning and beauty products

There are 4 collections of natural products – all offered in DIY Kits. I decided to offer kits rather than ready-made products because I wanted to empower mums to be able to make their own products and know exactly what was in them. They would have the power to change the ingredients or change the ratio of ingredients to make a product more or less thick. They would have the power to choose what oils they wanted to add and make a product suit more than one purpose. All our natural product kits are available for residents of Nambour, the Sunshine Coast, all of Queensland and indeed Australia. Cleaning products include natural dishwasher tablets, natural glass cleaning spray, natural hand sanitiser, natural laundry detergent, natural leather conditioner, natural air freshener (toilet spray), natural all-purpose cleaning spray, natural cleansing paste and natural toilet cleaning bombs. Body Care products include natural deodorant spray, natural eye serum, natural foot balm, natural hair and scalp oil, natural hand and heel treatment cream, natural lip balm, natural magnesium oil, natural moisturiser and natural night face cream. Products for kids include natural foaming body wash, natural hair detangling spray, natural chest rub, natural fizzy bath drops, natural insect repellent, natural sunscreen and natural toy cleaning spray. Healing products are pre-made roller bottles which are colour coded (green for babies, orange for children and red for adults) which corresponds to the dosage of essential oils in the bottles. Roller bottles come made to treat a variety of issues including sickness, sleep, headaches, sore tummies, anxiety, hangover and others.

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