4 essentials for study success

As a high school teacher, I treat the process of teaching my students holistically, just like I do any of the clients that walk through my door. At the beginning of every year I sit and have a chat with my new class about all the things they have control over in regards to their learning and teach them how to maximise the learning experiences that I provide in the classroom. For most of them, they realise that some of their choices they are making before they even enter my classroom are restricting the potential of their mind. For some of them, this discussion is quite eye-opening. My purpose in life is to empower people. Sometimes I empower mums to take control of their own lives and sometimes I empower their children to be more successful by taking control of their own learning.

I offer a Study for Success Course which shows students (adult or children learners) how to look deeper into their habits and practices that are impacting the effectiveness of their study time and then I teach them how to make small changes to those habits to make any time they spend studying more effective and more successful.

Here are the 4 areas that you will look at during the course and why they are so important to your learning:


The quantity and quality of your sleep play a big part in determining your energy levels from day to day. If you don’t have enough good quality sleep you will find it hard to focus and concentrate on what you’re trying to learn. If you’re trying to study and you’re tired you will find that your mind keeps drifting and thinking of other things other than what you’re supposed to be focusing on. Quite often you might find yourself reading the same sentence or paragraph multiple times and still not knowing what it actually says. Come and join us in our private group where I will give you some strategies to improve your sleep and help your study be more successful.


I talk about nutrition all the time with my clients – mostly mums. Sometimes it’s about their nutrition and sometimes it’s about feeding their family. Nutrition is also a very important aspect of maximising your learning and finding success in your studies. If your body doesn’t have the proper nutrients for your cells to make their energy, your body feels tired and your brain seems foggy. These are definitely not the conditions upon which you want to be trying to learn and remember new information! When you fill your body with nasty additives and preservatives it can’t function at the optimum level and therefore you can’t learn as well as you would otherwise be able to. Food is the same as the body care products I teach you to make – your body only requires the essential ingredients to function at its best. In our Facebook Group I will teach you how to get the right nutrition into the student in your house so they can be successful with their studies.


Stress is an increasing issue in society today, especially among our young people, and it has a significant impact on their ability to be successful at school. Stress can stop them concentrating in class, prevent them doing homework and take their focus off everything else except what is worrying them at the time. If a student (adult or child) is significantly stressed it will severely decrease their ability to learn and will lead to feelings of inadequacy because they are unsuccessful with their studies. You can see how easy it would be to get on this cycle of failure and how hard it would be to get off, without first eliminating the stress. In our Members Facebook Group I help people work through various stress factors in order to increase their ability to achieve great things in their studies. Join us and see how you can do the same thing.

Study Strategies

If you know how you learn best you can make the time you have to study so much more efficient. This is particularly helpful for my mum clients who have many other things going on in their lives as well as study. However, it is immensely beneficial for anyone studying – who doesn’t want to study for less time and still learn more information? There are 3 main learning styles – auditory, visual and tactile. Once you understand the differences and identify which one (or two) strategies you learn best through, then you can focus your study time on those strategies and make it so much more effective. In our Facebook Group I take our members through these 3 learning styles and the strategies that you can use for each of them to study more efficiently and have the success you want.

If you need help in this or other areas of your life and you’re ready to take back control of your life, it might be the right time for you to start working with me on a closer level. My signature program Change My Life Mastermind opens only twice a year and members have the amazing opportunity to work with me for 4 months and learn how to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. If you’re not ready for that yet, I have plenty of coaching options so you are sure to find one that suits you. Book in a free call to have a chat with me to work out which option would be best for your success.